Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 4 Places To Visit On A Family Holiday

Carving out some time from your hectic day to day life for a family holiday is a blessing. If you want to make the most of your family holiday then do check out these 4 world destinations that can make the trip worth your time, energy and money.

 NYC: Yes, New York City tops the list of the best family holiday places. It is the liveliest city of the world where the clock never stops. It has a number of interesting places that vary from Museums and Art galleries to the Central Park and the Bronx Zoo. You can enjoy the music on the streets, shop at flea markets and eat the most amazing hot dogs and NY Pizzas.

Thailand: Thailand is a perfect place for adventure lovers. Spend your time on its beautiful beaches or go hiking. You can also enjoy delicious Thai food, shop at Bangkok and Chang Mai and visit the monkeys and elephants. You can learn more about the Buddhist traditions here. The pleasant climate only adds to the beautiful landscapes of Thailand.
Holiday Vacation

Italy: Italian culture is renowned for loving and respecting the roots of a family. It is one of the most welcoming places of the world where you can just relax. You can roam around in the country late at night and no one would bother you. The ancient Colosseum and the Pompeii are a must visit. You can also enjoy original pizza and ice cream over here. The country also offers a number of beaches, lakes, mountains, caves that can be explored by you. You can also choose to stay in the most exotic villas of the world over here.

India: Well, there really is no place like home! India’s motto is unity in diversity. You This country has the most amazing monuments like the Taj Mahal to the Jaipur Fort. You can visit the desert of Rajasthan or watch witness the snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir. There is also the comfort of sampling familiar food. However, what makes India good for a family holiday is the fact that most spaces are child friendly. 


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