Sunday, December 28, 2014

5 Places To Visit For A New Year Bash

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New Year is just around the corner. So you must be planning on visiting a special place to make your new year more memorable. If you are tired of spending the New Years Eve at the same place every year and wish to explore some beautiful places where this occasion is celebrated in an ideal manner then heres a list of places you must visit.

USA: New York City is renowned for accepting people from various nations so you can find over a million people of different ethnicities and race gathered around Times Square. The tradition of ball dropping that now includes a crystal ball with amazing colours would simple leave you speechless. You should certainly enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee as the temperatures are always expected to be beyond chilling.

Australia: On every New Year’s Eve over a million Australians celebrate the occasion with partying and fireworks. The Sydney Harbor is the place to visit during the New Year as you can party with the strangers without feeling awkward. The people of Australia are very welcoming and accepting so you would never feel out of place over here.

Spain: If you love spending time in Europe and you are a fan of nightlife then Barcelona is a perfect place for you. Here you can wander around in a number of bars, clubs and discos. You can also hang on the streets and welcome New Year with a partying mood. You can eat some fresh grapes and top it off with Cava, famous champagne to welcome the New Year as per the local tradition.

 Japan: If you like to welcome the New Year with a feeling of togetherness then Tokyo is the place to be. Here all the businesses are closed off for 3 days and people enjoy with their family and friends. You can find a great deal of live entertainment, fireworks, and Year's Toshikoshi Soba. The people also ring a ritual Juya No Kane Night Bell 108 times to welcoming the New Year with a positive mind.

Thailand: If you wish to try on something new this New Year’s Eve then Bangkok is a perfect spot. You can view the stunning decorations of various temples, gather around with the crowds at Chao Praya River and enjoy many live performances meant to bring a smile to your faces. You can also enjoy the unique and authentic Thai food that would leave you craving for more.

In our opinion the best method would be to visit all these places one by one. Start off with joining the fun at the USA in 2015 and continue till 2020.


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