Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Keep Your Children Entertained While Traveling

Traveling with children can be harrowing. Unlike adults most children do not take kindly to sitting cooped up in flights, huddled in a car for a long drive, traipsing from one location to another or exploring museums. Keep in mind that most children have short attention span and what you find interesting will, in all likelihood, bore them.  

So, how do you keep the tantrums at bay and keep them engaged? We give you some valuable tips:
Invest in a tab: These do not necessarily have to pricey. You need a portable device where you can download movie, games and nothing works better than a tab. You can whip them out to cajole, coerce or bribe them! It also ensures that you have some ready entertainment for those long flights or leisurely dinners. Plus, tabs are lightweight and can fit right into a purse. They can also house an entire trip’s entertainment. Sure, it does amount to spoiling, but then aren’t your kids on a holiday as well?

Pack puzzles, books: Your kid will get bored of the tab as well. Find some easy puzzle that would distract them for a while. Think of easy puzzles like a rubik's cube or a small portable jigsaw. You can also carry thin paperback comics or books. Once finished, these can be left behind without overburdening your luggage.

Get them involved: One of the easiest ways of engaging your kids is by actually involving them in planning the trip. Talk to them about the city or cities they will be visiting. There are plenty of kid friendly material on cities. Get them an engaging book on the destination you are planning. Tell them beforehand of your itinerary, of the monuments you will be visiting. Make it interesting and lively, so that your kids also look forward to the visit.

Select a child friendly activity: Much as you may want them to, no kid is going to love a trip exploring ruins and museums. Just as you have your places to visit, they also need their own place. Include at least one kid-friendly destination in your trip, be it a zoo, amusement park, aquarium or beach –– choose something your kid loves.

Traveling is a pleasure and even though your kids may hate it now, they will soon come to love it. Just make sure their journey is as pleasurable as yours. 


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