Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where to go this summer?

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As summer approaches, many people are already planning their upcoming break. Its the time when you pack your bags, zip up your kids and go on a long break! But, a little planning ahead will ensure you get to vacation at the most happening destinations this summer. We tell you the top 5 places you need to tick off this summer.

UK: If you are a hippie at heart or just love a good time with music and other arts, head to to the United Kingdom this June. With both the Glastonbury and Isle of Wright festivals scheduled in June, UK is the place to party. Of particular note is the fun filled Glastonbury festival. With contemporary music, theatre, comedy, circus, cabaret and other performing arts on show here, it is few days of sheer hedonistic fun.

Thailand: For an exotic holiday that gives you a break from the rat race, head to beautiful, peaceful Thailand. From pristine beaches, crowded cities, sacred temples and a permeating spirituality, Thailand is perfect for this summer holiday. The country has varied landscape, from hills to field and lovely beaches. Then there is the food - spicy, sour and simply delicious.

Mediterranean: There is no better place than the stunning Mediterranean coast this summer. Book a holiday this June, just before holiday season starts in Europe and crowds take up every available space! Enjoy the blinding blue of the Mediterranean, explore its long impressive heritage and enjoy one of the most amazing and healthy cuisine on earth.

Monaco: For a dose of glam and the heady adrenaline of motor racing, head to Monaco this May. This small country hosts the F1 Grand Prix on 24th of May. Billed as one of the special sporting events, the Grand Prix showcases all that is great about Monaco - showmanship, glitz and attitude.
Cruise: If you want to do something different, why not book a cruise this summer? Choose from the worlds best cruises and explore exotic destinations. These cruises offer world-class entertainment, luxurious cabins, personalised services and world cuisine to choose from. You can even hire an entire hatch for leisurely island hopping.


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