Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Make the Most Out of Travelling Abroad

Travelling AbroadTravelling abroad is always an enervating experience. It can be exciting, educating and enlightening. But it can also be full of pitfalls. So how do you make sure that you make the best of your travels? We give you some valuable tips:

Travel Light:- This is important because you do not want to end up hauling minds of luggage! Always try and pack as lightly as possible. Leave as much space as possible for gifts you are sure to buy. It is also a good idea to pack in a sturdy foldable bag or two. These are your backup when you find yourself on a shopping spree!

Research And Prepare:- The success of any venture is research and preparation and travelling is no different. While some amount of flexibility is a necessity, do as much preparation as you can. Make sure all your documents are in order. Read as much as possible on your intended destination, including its history and culture. This can give you a valuable insight on the people and places.

A good tip is to pre-book all your necessary events or destinations. Some of these offer discounts or other perks that can be opted in advance. This helps you avoid any last minute hike in prices, long queues or sold out events.

Find Your Network:- Connect with your extended network of friends and family to find out if you know anyone in your destination. Call up anyone you know or connect through social media. A local eye and perspective can be very handy. They can tell you about places that most tourists are unaware of, places where the locals go to eat, the local specialities that you must carry home and the best place for a good bargain!

Be Flexible:- The golden rule of travelling is: be flexible. Be ready to go with the flow. You have to be flexible enough to take disruptions in routine because no matter how much your prepare beforehand, something can and will go wrong! Open yourself to new food and new  view the world.

After all, that is the whole purpose of travel!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 4 Places To Visit On A Family Holiday

Carving out some time from your hectic day to day life for a family holiday is a blessing. If you want to make the most of your family holiday then do check out these 4 world destinations that can make the trip worth your time, energy and money.

 NYC: Yes, New York City tops the list of the best family holiday places. It is the liveliest city of the world where the clock never stops. It has a number of interesting places that vary from Museums and Art galleries to the Central Park and the Bronx Zoo. You can enjoy the music on the streets, shop at flea markets and eat the most amazing hot dogs and NY Pizzas.

Thailand: Thailand is a perfect place for adventure lovers. Spend your time on its beautiful beaches or go hiking. You can also enjoy delicious Thai food, shop at Bangkok and Chang Mai and visit the monkeys and elephants. You can learn more about the Buddhist traditions here. The pleasant climate only adds to the beautiful landscapes of Thailand.
Holiday Vacation

Italy: Italian culture is renowned for loving and respecting the roots of a family. It is one of the most welcoming places of the world where you can just relax. You can roam around in the country late at night and no one would bother you. The ancient Colosseum and the Pompeii are a must visit. You can also enjoy original pizza and ice cream over here. The country also offers a number of beaches, lakes, mountains, caves that can be explored by you. You can also choose to stay in the most exotic villas of the world over here.

India: Well, there really is no place like home! India’s motto is unity in diversity. You This country has the most amazing monuments like the Taj Mahal to the Jaipur Fort. You can visit the desert of Rajasthan or watch witness the snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir. There is also the comfort of sampling familiar food. However, what makes India good for a family holiday is the fact that most spaces are child friendly. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why Travelling is Good for The Soul

We all love to take a holiday, get away from the humdrum of our lives. But travelling is more than just some time off. It is not just a vacation to recharge our batteries. Travelling is a means in itself. In other words, the best travels are those that are undertaken for their own sake. So what makes traveling so important for our soul?

Meeting new cultures
The world is a huge place and parts of it are startlingly different from ours. Travelling takes us to new people and introduces us to unique cultures and traditions that exist in this world. It widens our perception of human beings, of the different practices, customs and traditions that are followed around the world.
In some cases, we get to see for ourselves places we have only read about. The best part, however, is finding something which is completely different. You get a chance to learn new languages, new ways of interacting and different kind of food that is eaten around the world.

Changing perceptions
The best part about traveling is its ability to change perceptions. Unless we step out of our safe little boxes, we cannot understand the world that is so different from our little box. Travelling has the power to change our believes, widen our view of what is acceptable and what is not.
You may think that certain believes are sacrosanct and then you find a whole culture that lives and breathes while defying that very belief! Some societies are rigid, while some are almost without any restrictions; some run on rules and regulations, while some are anarchies. Traveling teaches us that every human being –– no matter their race, colour, religion –– has the potential to achieve greatness.

Adapting and resourcing

This is almost a by-product of travelling. Any seasoned traveller will tell you that no matter how complete your preparation and planning, something can and will go wrong. You will find yourself without your passport, your return flight will get cancelled, the hotel booking will fail to come through or some other catastrophe will occur. In such cases you will just have to pull up your shoelaces and find some solution. It will force you to adapt to new tastes, people and ideas. You will have to eat something you thought unacceptable, sleep somewhere you never thought you would, communicate with people without either of you understanding the other!