Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Make the Most Out of Travelling Abroad

Travelling AbroadTravelling abroad is always an enervating experience. It can be exciting, educating and enlightening. But it can also be full of pitfalls. So how do you make sure that you make the best of your travels? We give you some valuable tips:

Travel Light:- This is important because you do not want to end up hauling minds of luggage! Always try and pack as lightly as possible. Leave as much space as possible for gifts you are sure to buy. It is also a good idea to pack in a sturdy foldable bag or two. These are your backup when you find yourself on a shopping spree!

Research And Prepare:- The success of any venture is research and preparation and travelling is no different. While some amount of flexibility is a necessity, do as much preparation as you can. Make sure all your documents are in order. Read as much as possible on your intended destination, including its history and culture. This can give you a valuable insight on the people and places.

A good tip is to pre-book all your necessary events or destinations. Some of these offer discounts or other perks that can be opted in advance. This helps you avoid any last minute hike in prices, long queues or sold out events.

Find Your Network:- Connect with your extended network of friends and family to find out if you know anyone in your destination. Call up anyone you know or connect through social media. A local eye and perspective can be very handy. They can tell you about places that most tourists are unaware of, places where the locals go to eat, the local specialities that you must carry home and the best place for a good bargain!

Be Flexible:- The golden rule of travelling is: be flexible. Be ready to go with the flow. You have to be flexible enough to take disruptions in routine because no matter how much your prepare beforehand, something can and will go wrong! Open yourself to new food and new  view the world.

After all, that is the whole purpose of travel!


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