Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3 Unique Places Of The World You Must Visit

Holiday DestinationEverybody likes to explore new places over the holidays. Some people like to visit the same places over and over again as it offers them time for R&R and some adventure. But if you are bored with visiting all the cliché places in the holidays where nothing ever changes then here’s a delight for you. We have accumulated a list of 3 most wonderful places of the world that would leave you speechless.
 Yellowstone National Park, USA: This amazing park is actually situated on a top of a Volcano. So if you are a daredevil who is seeking some adventure, it’s a perfect spot for you. If you want to go on a family holiday then the Yellowstone Park is awesome too. You can actually find a number of waterfalls and rivers over here. You can also learn a lot about flora and fauna as this park has plenty of natural habitat. The volcano will not actually erupt and burn you but the thrill of vacationing here would certainly add a little shine to your trip.

Stonehenge Monument, Wiltshire, England: If you believe in magic or want to believe in it then the Stonehenge Monument is the place to be. It is said that this amazing monument was created by a Wizard known as Merlin during from 3000 BC to 2000 BC when there were no modern methods of construction available to mankind. The best time to visit this place is during sunrise. At that time you can enjoy the calm this place offers and capture the beauty of lifeless architecture in your camera.

Old City of Jerusalem, Israel: After you have visited the magical monument and the volcano park, you next stop should be the place where you can find all religions. Old city of Jerusalem is a perfect spot where you can learn about varied religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. You can find people of various ethnicities and cultures mingling with one another throughout the year. So if you have thirst for learning about any religion, Jerusalem is the place to be. You can also find great amount of historical data and awesome architecture over here. But the best part is the peace this unique city offers. You would forget all your tensions and come closer to god over here, no matter what your religion is.

Now if you believe that all these places are hidden gems that call out to you to explore them then start packing your bags now. After all what’s the point in waiting after you’ve set your mind on exploring these amazing places.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

5 Places To Visit For A New Year Bash

Luxurious Tour
New Year is just around the corner. So you must be planning on visiting a special place to make your new year more memorable. If you are tired of spending the New Years Eve at the same place every year and wish to explore some beautiful places where this occasion is celebrated in an ideal manner then heres a list of places you must visit.

USA: New York City is renowned for accepting people from various nations so you can find over a million people of different ethnicities and race gathered around Times Square. The tradition of ball dropping that now includes a crystal ball with amazing colours would simple leave you speechless. You should certainly enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee as the temperatures are always expected to be beyond chilling.

Australia: On every New Year’s Eve over a million Australians celebrate the occasion with partying and fireworks. The Sydney Harbor is the place to visit during the New Year as you can party with the strangers without feeling awkward. The people of Australia are very welcoming and accepting so you would never feel out of place over here.

Spain: If you love spending time in Europe and you are a fan of nightlife then Barcelona is a perfect place for you. Here you can wander around in a number of bars, clubs and discos. You can also hang on the streets and welcome New Year with a partying mood. You can eat some fresh grapes and top it off with Cava, famous champagne to welcome the New Year as per the local tradition.

 Japan: If you like to welcome the New Year with a feeling of togetherness then Tokyo is the place to be. Here all the businesses are closed off for 3 days and people enjoy with their family and friends. You can find a great deal of live entertainment, fireworks, and Year's Toshikoshi Soba. The people also ring a ritual Juya No Kane Night Bell 108 times to welcoming the New Year with a positive mind.

Thailand: If you wish to try on something new this New Year’s Eve then Bangkok is a perfect spot. You can view the stunning decorations of various temples, gather around with the crowds at Chao Praya River and enjoy many live performances meant to bring a smile to your faces. You can also enjoy the unique and authentic Thai food that would leave you craving for more.

In our opinion the best method would be to visit all these places one by one. Start off with joining the fun at the USA in 2015 and continue till 2020.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Where To Go This Christmas

Festive Holiday Trip

Christmas is the perfect getaway from the hectic work schedules and an ideal time for relaxation and family occasion. We have listed down few of the best places that you must visit this Christmas. Have a look!

Salzburg, Austria: the irresistible Christmas season in Austria exposes you to the breathtaking view of the town. The joyous buzz of the Christmas market at Salzburg is heart melting. The advent music festival has become a regular and unforgettable event for the Christmas.

The Big Island, Hawaii: beaches and active volcanoes plus tropical rain forest, it probably is natures noblest place on earth. Snow capped mountains, sandy beaches and magical valley, Hawaii is a beautiful escape from the tiring work to the wonder land. Not to miss are the merrie monarch festival, manta ray night dive and Akaka falls state park.

Rome, Italy: if quality family time is all that occupies your mind, make Italy an obvious choice this Christmas. Its a great time of the year to visit the country. The streets brighten up on the occasion. Holy parades, choir shows and the Christmas market-piazza Navona adds to the celebrations and are main highlights of the trip. Engage in some ice-skating activities and give your shopping buds the real taste of the festival. Christmas, in the beautiful city of Vatican will jog your memory regarding what Christmas truly is all about. St Peters Square is a must, it homes a big and huge Christmas tree. The midnight mass by the pope, takes place in St. Peters Basilica.

Apart from all this, the scenic beauty will definitely blow your mind away!


New York, New York:  the city comes in full splendour during the festival and it becomes a stealing sight. New York lights up to the Christmas lights. Main attractions include 80-foot long Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, biggest light displays at Sixth Avenue and Macys which lead the world to believe that Santa Claus exists.


Napapiiri, Finland: the Santa Claus village and the Santa Park are enough to take you to a beautiful land of Finland. The Santa Claus main post office operates from here. Situated at the northern location of Arctic Circle, Napapiiri is considered the Christmas capital of Europe and draws many visitors to the town every year.

Merry Christmas and happy winters!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Top Gardens Of The World You Must See in Your Life

Garden of Cosmic Speculation
Do you like to roam around in beautiful gardens? Does nature offers you peace of mind? Is viewing all the beautiful gardens in the world one of your dreams? If yes then you must be pleased with this article. Here is a list of most beautiful gardens of the world that you must visit once in your life. All these gardens have attracted a number of tourists since decades and would continue to do so in the future as well.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: This is a stunning garden that’s available for viewing to general public only once every year. So you must not miss the chance to visit it once in your lifetime. It is located in the Dumfries, Scotland region. It includes a number of fractals, black holes, Fibonacci sequences, genetics and chaos theory so over here you’ll learn more about plants with a scientific touch.

Butchart Gardens: This garden as created over a hundred years ago. It has still maintained most of its original design till date. This garden has over a million flowers that would stun you with its beauty. It also succeeds in attracting 1 million tourists every year. If you are fond of winter holidays then this garden is a perfect place to visit. You would simple love the lights and winter decorations in this garden especially when Christmas is just around the corner. It’s located at Victoria BC.

 Gardens of Versailles: This garden succeeds in attracting over 6 million visitors every year. It is located at Versailles, France. It covers over two thousand acres of land and includes a number of trees, flowers and fountains that would leave you breathless with its beauty.

Keukenhof Gardens: This beautiful garden contains over 7 million flowers. So you’ll surely never get tired of witnessing beautiful flowers. You can be among the nearly 45 million visitors who visit this place every year. This garden in among the key reasons behind people visiting in Netherlands and the small town Lisse as it covers approximately 80 acres of land near the small town. This garden is also among the most photographed places of the world. You may find someone interested in photographing you over here too.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden: This garden is among the topmost national gardens of South Africa. It’s located in Cape Town and includes around 5000 species of indigenous South African flora. The beauty of this garden is so stunning that most people like to visit it over and over again. It’s open throughout the year and thus gives you the liberty to visit it at any time you visit South Africa.

Friday, December 19, 2014

5 Places Where Romance Never Dies

Luxurious Holiday

Love is a feeling that remains with you throughout the life. No matter how old you are or since how many years you have been married, love always remains a part of your life. If you are seeking an opportunity to rekindle your love with your partner then visiting some awesome romantic places can really be a good idea. Here is a list of places that you must visit in order to relive your love:

      Bali: It is a place where you can get a lot of personal time. No one would bother you. You can spend your summer evenings by wandering around in the streets of the city. The city is also very developed so you can get your hands on every luxury you can imagine, be it a special flower bouquet for your love or a nice big room filled with candles.

      Greece: If you are a fan of a bright sunny day in which you can breathe natural air then Greece is the place to be. You can just laze around near the endless sea, drink a premium wine and wander the ancient streets of cities.

      Paris: If you want to enjoy the company of your partner with great food, awesome music and famous wines then Paris should be your first choice. You must visit the Luxembourg Garden which is said to be the home for all lovers. It would help you to recognize the value of love and feel surrounded by it.

      Scotland: If you are a fan of history then Scotland is a perfect place for you. Here you can visit the most amazing ancient castles of England and Scotland. You can also finish the tour with a private candlelight dinner. You can also explore the cities spread throughout the nation and explore something new at every place. It would give you an amazing thrill to explore new places with the love of your life.

      Cuba: Did you know Cuba has 290 beaches? Yes and you can choose the ones you like the most to spend some quality time with your partner. After all what’s better than a lazy day at the beach and an evening swim with your love? You can finish off the day with having a fine local and European cuisine at any of the restaurants. You can also explore the beauty and charm of night bars and cafes to add in a little adventure to your trip.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Top 4 Most Luxurious Destinations

Luxurious Destinations
If you have money to splash, the whole world can offer you some amazing vacations. But what are the places that are made for luxury vacations? We offer you a list of places that give you the best for your money –– from lazy beaches, delicious food to artistic treasures:

Bora Bora:- If you are looking for a lazy holiday with sun, surf, sand and little else to do, then Bora Bora is the perfect destination for you. This French Polynesian island may be small, but it is a perfect spot of heavenly leisure. Dormant volcanoes, aquamarine lagoon and lush jungles create a tropical paradise that seems straight out of someones fantasy. There are plenty of luxury resorts that offer a range of frills - from massage to personal service.

Santorini:- It is a picture postcard of the Mediterranean coast –– blue sea and white homes dotting the coast. Yet, Santorini and its lazy charm can still surprise you. The island spoons a volcanic crater with many smaller islands curling around it. Adding to its stunning beauty is the Greek culinary experience. The island is home to wineries, breweries and some great food options, from both taverns and gourmet restaurants.

Paris:- It is the city of romance, culture and the favourite for those looking for a bit of posh, snobby sophistication. But really, dig a little deeper and Paris may well surprise you. Home to some of the greatest food and art exhibits on the planet, this city is meant to be experienced as well as seen. If you have money to flash, then Paris can offer uber luxury

options –– from decadent dining, designer boutiques to luxury hotels.

Tuscany:- If you love the arts, then Tuscany is a must visit. This city is like a giant museum of art house treasures, a legacy of medieval and Renaissance artists that can be seen in its monuments and churches. But, it is the idyllic pace of this city that ends up charming you effortlessly. The other point of attraction is the food and wine. Tuscany produces some of Italys best wine. The food, in trademark Italian style, is local and divinely delicious!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to have a perfect luxury holiday

Luxury Holiday
Most people prefer to make the best of their holidays as its their best shot at enjoying themselves to the fullest. If you are also among such people then you should know that there are several ways by which you can make your holidays worth every penny you spend on it. You must try each and every one of these methods as they are meant to help you have the most luxurious and unforgettable holiday experience. Some of these ways are mentioned over here.

Seek Personalisation: When you want to plan your holiday, you should hire an expert who specialises in creating luxurious holiday experience for all clients. Ask the agent to design a customised holiday package for you. Do not forget to ask for multiple options to choose from as far as your tour is concerned. For example: You should be given a list of beaches and asked to choose the ones you would like to visit.

  Look For Exclusive Places: If you really want to make your holiday a luxurious experience then you should select unique places. This place should have only a few people because sometimes you may get lost in crowds and may not enjoy the holiday to the fullest. Examples of exclusive places include high-end resorts or an exclusive island where you can just relax and let others take care of you.

 Take More Time: You should also remember the fact that you cannot enjoy a holiday much if you have a tight schedule. So you try to clear up your schedule for as long as you can manage. It would save you the worry of getting everything done in time like visiting several museums in a single day or enjoying golf only for a few hours. When you have a lot of time on your hands, you can truly sit back and relax.

Try On New Things: Another cool part of a luxurious holiday is the opportunity to do whatever you want. You should try out new things like eating new dishes, enjoying an exclusive wine or trying out various adventure sports. You should also try to enjoy everything you ever wished for during the luxurious holidays. After all it’s your happiness and contentment with the trip that would decide whether it was worth your time and money or not

Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Places That are Great For a Solo Trip

Holiday Destination
Sometimes being alone can be fun.. There is a phase in every persons life where he needs to enjoy his own company. If you are feeling like it right now then here are 5 top places of the world you can explore on your own. Just pack up your bags and get started.

Czech Republic: It is a historical country that has been into existence since last 1200 years. The architecture of this country is breathtaking. There are a lot of places like museums, galleries and theaters that would help you to learn all about this amazing country in no time. However, there is something about its broody intensity that makes it great for solo trip!

Ireland: If you wish to admire the greenery and natural surroundings for a while then Ireland is the best place to visit. You can choose to visit in the summer and have the time of your life. Irish Wine and a full Irish Breakfast are just some of the things you will need to try out.

 Alaska: If you like to try on new things, then there is no place better than Alaska. You can explore the wildlife here and try on various adventure sports. The local population is very friendly and welcoming, making sure that even a solo traveler feels at home.

Italy: With its multitude of historical sites, rich art and culture, Italy was made to be traveled in peace and solitude. The Italians are a boisterous and friendly lot, taking away any occasional longing for company.

New York City: New York is probably the busiest city in the world. It’s highly developed and fun-filled. The day never ends here. So if you want to get lost in the crowd and don’t want to have a dull moment in your entire trip, then New York is the place to be. You can find history, great food and even better entertainment. And of course, it is also a shopping haven.

So youve seen that the world has a lot to offer to every individual who has wanderlust. All you need to do is to pick up the place and get started with the journey. Theres so much to explore that one lifetime may seem short for it. Get started with it as soon as possible….Happy Vacation!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Plan A Family Trip

Family Trip
When you are planning a family trip with kids, planning is essential. As a solo adult traveller you may be able to wing it and enjoy the spontaneity, but kids need stability of planning. A good plan will make sure that you get the most out of a place and enjoy your trip.

Decide on the place:-
This is not as easy as it may sound when you are travelling with kids. Pick a place that is not just museums and ruins. That is not exactly every kid’s dream destination. Look for destinations with theme parks, beaches, adventure arcades, zoo or other fun places. Even a couple of these will keep your kids happy when you drag them to the mandatory museum later on.

Decide on the itinerary:- 
This can make all the difference. Research your destination and prepare the itinerary accordingly. Keep in mind the timings when you prepare the list. This way you will ensure that you do not end up missing any of the important destinations. However, keep this a little flexible. You do not want to run around catching up with your schedule on a holiday!

Book what you can:-
It is always a good idea to book whatever you can in advance. Today many places accept bookings online. Not only can you get fabulous deals and discounts, you can also be assured of a smooth and hassle-free trip where your tickets are already booked!

Arrange all you papers:-
Start arranging all the papers you need –– from travel documents to emergency papers. Keep a folder for important stuff like flight tickets, passport and visa to carry in your travel case. These will not be checked in. Do not forget to add important like any medical papers and prescriptions if your child suffered from any recurring condition like allergies. It is also a good idea scan copies of important documents and mail them to yourself.

Prepare your lists:-

Now start with the lists. These are clothes, documents, medicines, books, tickets, emergency phone numbers and so on. Take your time when you make this list, providing for every contingency. Now double check after you pack to make sure you have everything. You should also mail somebody a list of your itinerary and local contacts before you leave. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

4 Europe Landmarks For the History Buff Traveller

 Honeymoon Destination

If you are interested in the historical significance of places you visit, then Europe has a lot to offer. You should know that when you decide to visit Europe, the toughest decision will not be about which places to visit, rather you will be confused about the places you should NOT visit from the many options presented to you.

To help you plan the trip to Europe, we have selected the best places that must not be avoided by you. Here are top 4 places that you must visit during your trip to Europe:

    Eiffel Tower: Every living person knows that Eiffel Tower is the most renowned and appreciated historical landmark. This tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It was built in 1889 and is still as beautiful as it ever was. It stands high at 984 feet and is amazing in spite of the years it has been there. When you visit the top of this tower and look down, it would be a memory that you would cherish your entire life.

      Acropolis: if you like to visit historical buildings then Acropolis is a good option. The site includes buildings created in the 5th Century BC and are still standing. You can have a view of entire Athens from this place. You must visit the buildings of Parthenon, Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the temple of Athena Nike. All these buildings were slightly damaged during the Morean War but even their partial ruined state tells a story of its own.

      Tower Bridge: This amazing bridge has been into existence since the last leg of 19th century. It has covered the River Thames in the city of London since its construction and is yet quite sturdy. If you want to see the amazing beauty of London then theres no better place than the simple yet beautiful walkways of the Tower Bridge. You can visit this bridge anytime, be it a sunny day or a starry night. You can even visit the engine rooms near the bridge which contain steam engines that power the bridge.

        Buckingham Palace: If you have dream of meeting the royal bloodline, then a visit to Buckingham Palace should be a must in your Europe trip. This palace has been into existence since 1837 and has still got the royal look that never fails to attract the tourists. All you need to do is buy the tickets for an internal tour and enjoy a glimpse of the life of the one and only British Queen.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Make the Most Out of Travelling Abroad

Travelling AbroadTravelling abroad is always an enervating experience. It can be exciting, educating and enlightening. But it can also be full of pitfalls. So how do you make sure that you make the best of your travels? We give you some valuable tips:

Travel Light:- This is important because you do not want to end up hauling minds of luggage! Always try and pack as lightly as possible. Leave as much space as possible for gifts you are sure to buy. It is also a good idea to pack in a sturdy foldable bag or two. These are your backup when you find yourself on a shopping spree!

Research And Prepare:- The success of any venture is research and preparation and travelling is no different. While some amount of flexibility is a necessity, do as much preparation as you can. Make sure all your documents are in order. Read as much as possible on your intended destination, including its history and culture. This can give you a valuable insight on the people and places.

A good tip is to pre-book all your necessary events or destinations. Some of these offer discounts or other perks that can be opted in advance. This helps you avoid any last minute hike in prices, long queues or sold out events.

Find Your Network:- Connect with your extended network of friends and family to find out if you know anyone in your destination. Call up anyone you know or connect through social media. A local eye and perspective can be very handy. They can tell you about places that most tourists are unaware of, places where the locals go to eat, the local specialities that you must carry home and the best place for a good bargain!

Be Flexible:- The golden rule of travelling is: be flexible. Be ready to go with the flow. You have to be flexible enough to take disruptions in routine because no matter how much your prepare beforehand, something can and will go wrong! Open yourself to new food and new  view the world.

After all, that is the whole purpose of travel!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 4 Places To Visit On A Family Holiday

Carving out some time from your hectic day to day life for a family holiday is a blessing. If you want to make the most of your family holiday then do check out these 4 world destinations that can make the trip worth your time, energy and money.

 NYC: Yes, New York City tops the list of the best family holiday places. It is the liveliest city of the world where the clock never stops. It has a number of interesting places that vary from Museums and Art galleries to the Central Park and the Bronx Zoo. You can enjoy the music on the streets, shop at flea markets and eat the most amazing hot dogs and NY Pizzas.

Thailand: Thailand is a perfect place for adventure lovers. Spend your time on its beautiful beaches or go hiking. You can also enjoy delicious Thai food, shop at Bangkok and Chang Mai and visit the monkeys and elephants. You can learn more about the Buddhist traditions here. The pleasant climate only adds to the beautiful landscapes of Thailand.
Holiday Vacation

Italy: Italian culture is renowned for loving and respecting the roots of a family. It is one of the most welcoming places of the world where you can just relax. You can roam around in the country late at night and no one would bother you. The ancient Colosseum and the Pompeii are a must visit. You can also enjoy original pizza and ice cream over here. The country also offers a number of beaches, lakes, mountains, caves that can be explored by you. You can also choose to stay in the most exotic villas of the world over here.

India: Well, there really is no place like home! India’s motto is unity in diversity. You This country has the most amazing monuments like the Taj Mahal to the Jaipur Fort. You can visit the desert of Rajasthan or watch witness the snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir. There is also the comfort of sampling familiar food. However, what makes India good for a family holiday is the fact that most spaces are child friendly. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why Travelling is Good for The Soul

We all love to take a holiday, get away from the humdrum of our lives. But travelling is more than just some time off. It is not just a vacation to recharge our batteries. Travelling is a means in itself. In other words, the best travels are those that are undertaken for their own sake. So what makes traveling so important for our soul?

Meeting new cultures
The world is a huge place and parts of it are startlingly different from ours. Travelling takes us to new people and introduces us to unique cultures and traditions that exist in this world. It widens our perception of human beings, of the different practices, customs and traditions that are followed around the world.
In some cases, we get to see for ourselves places we have only read about. The best part, however, is finding something which is completely different. You get a chance to learn new languages, new ways of interacting and different kind of food that is eaten around the world.

Changing perceptions
The best part about traveling is its ability to change perceptions. Unless we step out of our safe little boxes, we cannot understand the world that is so different from our little box. Travelling has the power to change our believes, widen our view of what is acceptable and what is not.
You may think that certain believes are sacrosanct and then you find a whole culture that lives and breathes while defying that very belief! Some societies are rigid, while some are almost without any restrictions; some run on rules and regulations, while some are anarchies. Traveling teaches us that every human being –– no matter their race, colour, religion –– has the potential to achieve greatness.

Adapting and resourcing

This is almost a by-product of travelling. Any seasoned traveller will tell you that no matter how complete your preparation and planning, something can and will go wrong. You will find yourself without your passport, your return flight will get cancelled, the hotel booking will fail to come through or some other catastrophe will occur. In such cases you will just have to pull up your shoelaces and find some solution. It will force you to adapt to new tastes, people and ideas. You will have to eat something you thought unacceptable, sleep somewhere you never thought you would, communicate with people without either of you understanding the other!