Saturday, May 2, 2015

Top 6 Europe Holiday Destinations

If you are planning a trip full of adventurers, beaches, food and shopping, Europe holiday destinations are the must visit. They would certainly offer you an experience of the lifetime.

So you are planning your next trip to Europe? We will help you with the list of Europe Holiday Destinations, famous for their museums, shops, restaurants, nightlife, recreation and aesthetics, so that your trip is an unforgettable one.

1          Porto
Recognized as the finest European holiday destination, Porto is exceptional in its history, architecture, culture, gastronomy, trade, encounters and discoveries. Stroll along the River Douro (river of gold) in the Ribeira; admire Porto’s architecture, the brilliant landscapes and magnificent bridges! This city knows how to make you feel welcome; leaving your heart conquered.

2          Zagreb
This large city has managed to stay romantic and safe, much to the delight of the visitors. With the unlimited possibilities for visiting music and theatre events, art exhibitions, museums, sporting events and taking pleasure of quiet walks, exquisite architecture, several parks in the centre of the city, pedestrian zones and the atmosphere, this happens to be an apt holiday destination in Europe.

3           Vienna
Perfect place to learn the art of enjoyment is none other than Vienna. This Europe HolidayDestination offers you the best of Viennese nightlife topped with the finest of hip clubs, young festivals and a reopened ballroom where you can enjoy the dance and party to the fullest. The nightlife of Vienna is so diverse and lively that you wouldn’t want to leave this place even after your vacation ends.

Known for its spectacular beaches and picturesque views, it offers its visitors a wide variety of activities that would make your trip fun-filled. Orange groves amid ancient ruins, steep cliffs, turquoise waters and pine covered mountains, are what make this place a dream destination that holds capacity to enchant its visitors.
A city full of wonder and surprise, beautiful parks, lively culture, free flowing sparkling river, lavish spas, and what not. All this makes Budapest one of the most enthralling cities in the world. Here you get to explore hidden spots, check out plenty of design shops, tiny yet pretty parks, roof top caf├ęs, and architectural treasures which await your visit.

6          Milan
Milan – a vibrant and interesting place ever since it was the capital of the western half of the Roman Empire leaves you nothing less than animated. Milan happens to be the hub of Italian culture, music, media and sports, thereby offering you a lot to do and see. This Europe holiday destination offers you an awesome dining experience! Packed with restaurants serving Italian regional cuisines, you would have enough to satiate your taste buds.

Apart from these, the top holiday destinations in Europe include Madeira, Madrid, Berlin and Rome.


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