Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thailand Attractions that are worth a visit!

Thailand is a beautiful country; the close door to Asian exoticism. It has good tourist infrastructure, many interesting things to see, great beaches, excellent gastronomy, historic ruins, Jungle Mountains, big luxury hotels at reasonable prices, cheap backpacker accommodation and friendly people who always seem to be smiling. Here are ten recommendations in case you want to visit luxury destinations Thailand:

1. Bangkok
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and surely one of the starting points of most travelers arriving in this country. There are thousands of places, temples, and activities to do, which you will not have to find since they are within reach of all if you are stopping at the famous "Khao San Road."

2. Chiang Mai
If you prefer a quieter place, and with fewer people than Bangkok, Chiang Mai is home. Chiang Mai is home to many spiritual centers in Thailand if you are looking for the encounter with yourself. You will also find excellent massage houses, Thai cooking courses, and 1 or 2-day trips to the jungle, elephant trekking, trekking, lions, and much more.

3. Ayutthaya
Only one hour from Bangkok, Ayutthaya, is an amazing city, some call it "The Second Capital" of Thailand. It has temples that blow their heads! It is one of the leading luxury destinations Thailand.

 4. Hin Daeng
If you love snorkeling, you should not miss this place in the "Andaman Sea" (Andaman Sea). Hin Daeng means "Red Rock," and is known as one of the best places in Thailand to dive.

5. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs
Located 36 km north of Chiang Mai, you will find these hot springs coming from the dark. They are famous for their supposed restorative properties.

6. Koh Samui and Koh Phangan
Most of you, if you have already been researching about Thailand, will know about these places on the east coast of Thailand, and you will have heard them speak wonders! Koh Phangan is rather a bohemian area with cafes and bars, but you can also find there the world famous "Full Moon Party."

7. The Floating Market
The floating market is one of the must-sees in luxury destinations inThailand, where you can see how locals buy and sell all kinds of goods, but mostly food.

8. Koh Chang
The island of Koh Chang, located near the border with Cambodia, is not near the southern islands. And it's an island, much quieter, than the rest of the south, perfect maybe to go in couple and enjoy full tranquility, beaches, and good food. Again, advice, rent a motorcycle from the first day you arrive, and travel all island!

9. Chiang Rai
It is located well north of Thailand, a few kilometers from the border with Laos, it is left of passage, if you are going from Thailand to Laos. The only fact of having it is a temple and makes it worth to stay one day at least. In the city, you can dislike very good food, especially in the "food market" that is in the center, and visit some other temples.

10. Ko Phi Phi
Last on the list, but no less important at all, there is a place for Ko Phi Phi; it is the "impossible to go to Thailand and not visit" that we had left to name. Even after the tsunami of 2009, after having been restored, it remains one of the main and most idyllic islands in luxury destinations in Thailand. The destination by the preference of the majority of the travelers, that if, before going, make sure of not this time of typhoons or rains.


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