Wednesday, January 28, 2015

4 of The Best Train Trips You Need to Board

It may seem a tad old fashioned to those of us used to the jet travel era, but train travel is very much alive, even in the luxury bracket. These train trips are far from your usual journeys. With premium service, stunning scenery and an envious pedigree, our list of luxury trains must be part of your bucket list. 

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
Now this is a train of legends and fiction! Featured in one of Agatha Christies mysteries, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has hosted celebrities and royalty. Its interesting history is almost like that of a nation, with scars and medals littered on the way. Much of its attraction lies in its old world charm. The 1920s vintage cars and plush cabins belong to an era when personal comfort was a matter of pride. The train travels from Paris to Istanbul. However, there are other routes that you can also go for.

Royal Scotsman
If you want the red carpet treatment, this is the train for you. The Royal Scotsman quite literally rolls out a red carpet for its visitors with a kilt clad bagpiper for added welcome! You start with a champagne toast. The itinerary ranges from a day trip to a seven day tour. You are taken through Scotlands stunning landscape. Off-train visits to some of the best destinations are arranged. One of its best features is its beautifully done observation car that dates back to 1908.

Trans-Siberian Express
It may not be the plush ride that the others on the list offer, but for sheer dramatic scenery it wins hands down. Linking Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian Express is not just a showy train. It has been an important link to the remote regions of Russia. It is also one the worlds longest routes with over 9,000 kilometers! What makes this train special is the incredible landscape it chugs through. You will be transported to the stark icy beauty of Siberia.

Palace on Wheels
Travelling in Rajasthan in luxury means Palace on Wheels. Furnished in the colourful style of the state, the train echoes its royal pedigree. Beautifully appointed cabins are backed by one of the best services worldwide. There are also off-train visits to Rajasthans magnificent sites –– from palaces to forts.

These luxury trains will convince you that train travel is far from boring and outdated. Synonymous with luxury, these trains are a must for those who like their adventure in style and comfort.


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