Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Top Luxury Travel Destinations in Asia that would tempt you to keep coming for more

Do you think that destinations like New York, London and Paris can only offer luxury? Are you tired of vacationing at the same destinations over and over again and now seeking a new one? Is traveling to a destination in Asian Continent only seem like a dream? If yes then you may not be altogether correct. You should know that there are many Asian destinations that have succeeded in attracting people from the west to Asia in search of luxury and peace. Here is a list of some cool Asian destinations that would lure you over and over again if you visit them once:

Seoul: Seoul or Seoul special city is the capital of South Korea that is highly advanced and modernized. The thing you would like the most over here is shopping. You can literally “shop till you drop” over here as the choices are endless. Myeongdong and the Coex Mall are the places that would offer you a lot of exquisite. After shopping you can pamper your eyes and your taste buds at Samsung Tower in Jungno-Sam-Ga which offers the fabulous views of the city as well as delicious cuisine options. You can also be pampered at the famous boutique hotel named as The W at Walkerhill where you can spend hours at Jacuzzi bathtubs and enjoy exotic drinks with your partner at the longest bar in the city.

Singapore: Most people perceive Singapore as a business hub or a spot for “limited budget vacationers” This perception is completely wrong. The clean living and modern architecture of this country has made it among the topmost places for luxury travel. You won’t forget the exquisite shopping and dining experience it offers. Shopping at Takashimaya and ION malls where you can find every imaginable brand would also make sure that your shopping needs are successfully met.

Chiang Mai: Well, almost everyone has visited Bangkok and Phuket to enjoy a luxury vacation and if you are one of them then do pay a visit to Chiang Mai City. This city is a unique combination of old and new. You can spend hours at being pampered in one of the many luxury hotels, enjoy a hill trek or even a tour to the local jungles. You can also find some peace by enrolling into a short term program at the famous Northern Insight Meditation Centre which would relieve you of all the tensions and stresses of your day to day lives. You can choose to stay at luxury resorts like RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort or luxury hotels like Empress Chiang Mai.

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