Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Things Every Fashionista Needs When Travelling

Traveling tips
Traveling does not mean you have to let go of looking good. It is possible to travel in style, even when you have luggage constraints. All you need to do is pack the basics and then work it around. We give you a list of five essentials that can fit in one bag and still make you look like a fashion diva!


The clothes: For a week’s travel, you should pack in at least two basic tops and two dressy ones. Pack in the basic tops according to the season. For instance, you can pack two tank tops for sunny climates or two full sleeve light sweaters for cooler climes. For bottoms pack a pair of shorts, a legging and one pair of jeans. An LBD is always a good idea for its sheer versatility. You can also add in another showy dress. Try to pack clothes that require least TLC, such as synthetics that dry quickly and require no ironing.   

Accessories: This can make all the difference. Even a simple tank top and shorts can be converted into different classy look with accessories. Some essentials are colorful scarves, danglers, bangles and belt. 

 Footwear: What’s a fashionista without a fashionable pair on her feet? Sandals are easy to pack and easy to walk in. A good pair of heels can come in handy when you want to look dressy. However, do not forget to pack in one pair of sneakers for when you need to trek the jungles or troll through museums.   

Ziplock bags: For everything –– bags for lingerie, socks, make-up and a few more for other essentials. Ziplock bags hardly take any space and are perfect to keep a neat, compartmentalized bag. As a bonus, you will also find your things without upending the entire bag.

Seasonal plus: Some places just need some extra. If you are traveling to beach, do not forget to pack in that lovely bikini, flip-flops, floppy hat, sarong and sunscreen. If it’s the Alps you are going to, pack in some heavy-duty winter stuff, including a lined jacket, boots, sunglasses, sunscreen and winter cream.

So, make a list of all essentials, tick off our list and go traveling in style!


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