Monday, February 9, 2015

Why You Should Travel This Valentine Week

Scratching your head over what to do this Valentine Day? Why not go traveling? It gives you a change of scenery and offers a welcome break from a modern hectic lifestyle. As a Valentine Gift, it is perhaps the perfect choice. We offer some tips on planning the perfect Valentine getaway.

Explore new places 
Book a trip to a dream destination of your choice, but make sure that neither of you has been there before. You can share the thrill of learning about a new place and people. This is the perfect opportunity to create shared experiences. Try new cuisines, find an adventure and make sure your partner has fun.

Revisiting old haunts
Finding new places may be fun, but you may want to go back to your favourite haunt on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps there is a destination that is a firm favourite for both of you, somewhere you spent your honeymoon, where you met each other for the first time or just a place that is special to you both. Given that this place already has good memories, it can be the perfect place for a romantic holiday.

Do the homework 
While we are all for spontaneity, we firmly believe that a Valentine getaway needs a little planning! Find out special romantic places in the destination of your choice –– parks, cafes or charming restaurants. Many hotels offer special packages for couples at this time. Find a unique gift, a souvenir that is both special and romantic.

Find a good agent 
Finally, take the short cut! A good travel agent can plan your romantic getaway with every detail taken care of. Your tickets will be booked, transport arranged, special stays and treats organised. All you have to do is pay attention to your Valentine!

So pack your bags and escape to the perfect romantic holiday!


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