Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3 Unique Places Of The World You Must Visit

Holiday DestinationEverybody likes to explore new places over the holidays. Some people like to visit the same places over and over again as it offers them time for R&R and some adventure. But if you are bored with visiting all the cliché places in the holidays where nothing ever changes then here’s a delight for you. We have accumulated a list of 3 most wonderful places of the world that would leave you speechless.
 Yellowstone National Park, USA: This amazing park is actually situated on a top of a Volcano. So if you are a daredevil who is seeking some adventure, it’s a perfect spot for you. If you want to go on a family holiday then the Yellowstone Park is awesome too. You can actually find a number of waterfalls and rivers over here. You can also learn a lot about flora and fauna as this park has plenty of natural habitat. The volcano will not actually erupt and burn you but the thrill of vacationing here would certainly add a little shine to your trip.

Stonehenge Monument, Wiltshire, England: If you believe in magic or want to believe in it then the Stonehenge Monument is the place to be. It is said that this amazing monument was created by a Wizard known as Merlin during from 3000 BC to 2000 BC when there were no modern methods of construction available to mankind. The best time to visit this place is during sunrise. At that time you can enjoy the calm this place offers and capture the beauty of lifeless architecture in your camera.

Old City of Jerusalem, Israel: After you have visited the magical monument and the volcano park, you next stop should be the place where you can find all religions. Old city of Jerusalem is a perfect spot where you can learn about varied religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. You can find people of various ethnicities and cultures mingling with one another throughout the year. So if you have thirst for learning about any religion, Jerusalem is the place to be. You can also find great amount of historical data and awesome architecture over here. But the best part is the peace this unique city offers. You would forget all your tensions and come closer to god over here, no matter what your religion is.

Now if you believe that all these places are hidden gems that call out to you to explore them then start packing your bags now. After all what’s the point in waiting after you’ve set your mind on exploring these amazing places.


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