Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Plan A Family Trip

Family Trip
When you are planning a family trip with kids, planning is essential. As a solo adult traveller you may be able to wing it and enjoy the spontaneity, but kids need stability of planning. A good plan will make sure that you get the most out of a place and enjoy your trip.

Decide on the place:-
This is not as easy as it may sound when you are travelling with kids. Pick a place that is not just museums and ruins. That is not exactly every kid’s dream destination. Look for destinations with theme parks, beaches, adventure arcades, zoo or other fun places. Even a couple of these will keep your kids happy when you drag them to the mandatory museum later on.

Decide on the itinerary:- 
This can make all the difference. Research your destination and prepare the itinerary accordingly. Keep in mind the timings when you prepare the list. This way you will ensure that you do not end up missing any of the important destinations. However, keep this a little flexible. You do not want to run around catching up with your schedule on a holiday!

Book what you can:-
It is always a good idea to book whatever you can in advance. Today many places accept bookings online. Not only can you get fabulous deals and discounts, you can also be assured of a smooth and hassle-free trip where your tickets are already booked!

Arrange all you papers:-
Start arranging all the papers you need –– from travel documents to emergency papers. Keep a folder for important stuff like flight tickets, passport and visa to carry in your travel case. These will not be checked in. Do not forget to add important like any medical papers and prescriptions if your child suffered from any recurring condition like allergies. It is also a good idea scan copies of important documents and mail them to yourself.

Prepare your lists:-

Now start with the lists. These are clothes, documents, medicines, books, tickets, emergency phone numbers and so on. Take your time when you make this list, providing for every contingency. Now double check after you pack to make sure you have everything. You should also mail somebody a list of your itinerary and local contacts before you leave. 


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