Thursday, December 25, 2014

Where To Go This Christmas

Festive Holiday Trip

Christmas is the perfect getaway from the hectic work schedules and an ideal time for relaxation and family occasion. We have listed down few of the best places that you must visit this Christmas. Have a look!

Salzburg, Austria: the irresistible Christmas season in Austria exposes you to the breathtaking view of the town. The joyous buzz of the Christmas market at Salzburg is heart melting. The advent music festival has become a regular and unforgettable event for the Christmas.

The Big Island, Hawaii: beaches and active volcanoes plus tropical rain forest, it probably is natures noblest place on earth. Snow capped mountains, sandy beaches and magical valley, Hawaii is a beautiful escape from the tiring work to the wonder land. Not to miss are the merrie monarch festival, manta ray night dive and Akaka falls state park.

Rome, Italy: if quality family time is all that occupies your mind, make Italy an obvious choice this Christmas. Its a great time of the year to visit the country. The streets brighten up on the occasion. Holy parades, choir shows and the Christmas market-piazza Navona adds to the celebrations and are main highlights of the trip. Engage in some ice-skating activities and give your shopping buds the real taste of the festival. Christmas, in the beautiful city of Vatican will jog your memory regarding what Christmas truly is all about. St Peters Square is a must, it homes a big and huge Christmas tree. The midnight mass by the pope, takes place in St. Peters Basilica.

Apart from all this, the scenic beauty will definitely blow your mind away!


New York, New York:  the city comes in full splendour during the festival and it becomes a stealing sight. New York lights up to the Christmas lights. Main attractions include 80-foot long Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, biggest light displays at Sixth Avenue and Macys which lead the world to believe that Santa Claus exists.


Napapiiri, Finland: the Santa Claus village and the Santa Park are enough to take you to a beautiful land of Finland. The Santa Claus main post office operates from here. Situated at the northern location of Arctic Circle, Napapiiri is considered the Christmas capital of Europe and draws many visitors to the town every year.

Merry Christmas and happy winters!


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