Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Top 4 Most Luxurious Destinations

Luxurious Destinations
If you have money to splash, the whole world can offer you some amazing vacations. But what are the places that are made for luxury vacations? We offer you a list of places that give you the best for your money –– from lazy beaches, delicious food to artistic treasures:

Bora Bora:- If you are looking for a lazy holiday with sun, surf, sand and little else to do, then Bora Bora is the perfect destination for you. This French Polynesian island may be small, but it is a perfect spot of heavenly leisure. Dormant volcanoes, aquamarine lagoon and lush jungles create a tropical paradise that seems straight out of someones fantasy. There are plenty of luxury resorts that offer a range of frills - from massage to personal service.

Santorini:- It is a picture postcard of the Mediterranean coast –– blue sea and white homes dotting the coast. Yet, Santorini and its lazy charm can still surprise you. The island spoons a volcanic crater with many smaller islands curling around it. Adding to its stunning beauty is the Greek culinary experience. The island is home to wineries, breweries and some great food options, from both taverns and gourmet restaurants.

Paris:- It is the city of romance, culture and the favourite for those looking for a bit of posh, snobby sophistication. But really, dig a little deeper and Paris may well surprise you. Home to some of the greatest food and art exhibits on the planet, this city is meant to be experienced as well as seen. If you have money to flash, then Paris can offer uber luxury

options –– from decadent dining, designer boutiques to luxury hotels.

Tuscany:- If you love the arts, then Tuscany is a must visit. This city is like a giant museum of art house treasures, a legacy of medieval and Renaissance artists that can be seen in its monuments and churches. But, it is the idyllic pace of this city that ends up charming you effortlessly. The other point of attraction is the food and wine. Tuscany produces some of Italys best wine. The food, in trademark Italian style, is local and divinely delicious!


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